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  • Remember recently used overpass and background map tile servers in settings dialog
  • Add new public overpass instance to list of available servers
  • mapcss: allow filtering by meta attributes
  • make {{date}} shortcut without further parameters return the current date
  • bugfixes
  • update external dependencies
  • update translations


  • add possibility to sync (save/load) queries on your account on 😎
  • many export tools now have a possibility to copy the data/content into the clipboard (additionally to saving/downloading as a file), thanks @simon04
  • link to mapillary and wikimedia_commons content in popups
  • fix regression: exporting map as png image now works again


  • update translations
  • fix regression: mapcss text labels on polyons are now displayed again
  • update osmtogeojson library (bugfixes, added handling for waterway relations)


  • activate Hungarian translation


  • add two new "export query as text" options: raw overpass turbo query (#292) and as (escaped) osm wiki template (#288)
  • make exporting as GeoJSON, GPX, KML and raw OSM data faster by getting rid of the textareas that were used as fallbacks for old browsers without file download support
  • bugfix: make eval statements in MapCSS work again
  • bugfix: fix exporting of map as png image
  • bugfix: load translations before starting to initialize the user interface
  • update translations


  • bugfix: make exported GeoJSON return valid Feature objects #295


  • switch to a webpack-based build system, making further development easier. Thanks @simon04
  • make exporting of complex GeoJSON geometries much faster
  • update translations, activate Esperanto


  • switch to (newish) osmnames geocoder for map location search
  • improvements to mapcss (better text label placement, improved eval statements)
  • updated translations


  • make sure GPX output is well formated
  • fix handling of mapcss eval statements, closing XSS vector
  • new translation: Portuguese
  • update translations, presets, icons


  • add visual (warning) indicator if query results are very outdated
  • add "build query" button to wizard dialog
  • show fancy spinner animation in browser tab title while waiting for Overpass API
  • partial mapcss and data statement support in "interactive map" exports
  • enable small features rendering in "interactive map" exports
  • add api to execute queries of an iframe-embedded map.html page
  • activate Greek translation set
  • add osmic icon set
  • optimize layout also for portrait style monitors
  • update translations, presets, icons
  • update libraries (leaflet, osmtogeojson, togpx)


  • bugfix (htts everywhere issues)
  • update translations, presets and icons


  • bugfixes
  • updates to syntax highlighting, translations and presets


  • Wizard works better with non-ASCII strings
  • MapCSS support for line offsets
  • URL parameters (for example from short-urls) are dropped after page load
  • many bugfixes
  • update translations, presets and icon sets


  • upgrade osmtogeojson library (bugfixes, improve polygon-feature data)
  • minor UI improvements
  • update translations, presets and icon sets


  • support for Overpass "full" geometry output
  • wizard, templates and example queries now produce OverpassQL queries
  • new {{geocode*}} shortcuts instead of {{nominatim*}} ones with slightly altered syntax
  • prevent error messages or popups from overflowing with too much content
  • new languages: Norwegian, Taiwan Chinese, Polish
  • bugfixes
  • update translations, presets and icon sets


  • support for Overpass "center" and "bounds" geometry output
  • wizard supports regex key searches via new ~"keyregex"~="valueregex" syntax
  • show currentness of Overpass areas in data stats tooltip (incl. improved date formatting)
  • minor improvements to the wizard's query construction algorithm
  • bugfixes
  • update translations, presets and icon sets


  • activate Estonian translation
  • bugfixes
  • update translations and presets


  • bugfixes
  • update translations


  • MapCSS: implemented text markers
  • show additional data stats when hovering object counter box
  • some UI improvements (better tooltips, toggle data overlay)
  • bugixes in UI translations
  • make more stuff configurable for custom installations
  • updated some external libraries (leaflet, jQuery)


  • add export to Level0 (OSM editor)
  • improved query auto-repair (should less often kick in unnecessarily)
  • bugfixes
  • updated icon sets, translations, presets
  • allow external URL shortening services in configs


  • remote control the query wizard via an URL-parameter.
  • wizard works around some Overpass API "specialities"
  • better status messages during start-up
  • don't load libraries from external CDN's (for faster startup, possibility to enable usage of page via https)


  • update translations & presets
  • highlight new Overpass QL keywords
  • fix exported links to


  • activate new translations: Ukrainian, Slovenian, Brazilian
  • update presets


  • update translations
  • fix a bug with multiple overpass-turbo-statements in a single query
  • other bugfixes


  • add hyperlinks to wikidata entries
  • add hyperlinks to OSM user and changeset pages
  • update translations
  • update presets
  • bump some library versions


  • activate Catalan translation
  • bugfixes
  • updated presets and translations


  • intelligent wizard: using iD's presets to construct queries from simple description of objects
  • improved query-abort behaviour
  • updated translations
  • bugfixes


  • better zoom-to-location tool
  • wizard: add "key is [not] null" and "key [not] like regex" expressions (aliases)
  • wizard: allow colons in keys of key-value searches
  • update osmtogeojson library to version 2.0.0 (exported geojson has polygons with proper winding order now)


  • query builder wizard :) read more
  • new query shortcuts: {{date:*}} and {{nominatim*:*}} read more
  • activate map overscaling (+1 more zoomlevel) for easier inspection of very small features
  • upgrade libraries (Leaflet 0.7, Maki 0.3, etc.)
  • activate Spanish translation
  • bugfixes


  • update tokml library for better KML export results


  • new export format: KML (based on tokml)
  • improved startup with url-parameters: undoabe query loading, clever auto-zooming to data, handle empty values in templates, …
  • more verbous GPX export (adds all tags as <desc> field)
  • update library osmtogeojson / new spinn-off library togpx
  • work around JOSM remote-control deficiencies
  • bugfixes


  • split-off osmtogeojson as an external library/tool
  • fix loading of templates with newlines in parameters


  • activate Italian translation
  • usability improvements for autorepair feature


  • activated new translations: Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Dutch, Croation, French
  • updated polygon detection heuristic
  • bugfixes


  • new export mode: data (geoJSON) as gist including a link to
  • reworked i18n code (translations are now done via Transifex)
  • add Danish translation
  • improved multipolygon rendering
  • lightened exported geoJSON (drop unnecessary flags)
  • support for newest Overpass query features (e.g. global bbox)
  • bugfixes, compability improvements, etc.


  • cleaned up help dialog
  • improvements to compact stylesheet (mobile devices)
  • implemented data statement
  • upgraded libraries (e.g. leaflet 0.6)
  • lots of bugfixes


  • implemented downloadable content (save as file) for exports (GeoJSON, GPX, raw data, PNG)
  • added new "raw data" export (same as the data-tab, but with easy file save - see above)
  • speed up for some export modes
  • shiny new "powered by Overpass API" mark
  • bugfixes


  • reworked export dialog
  • export GeoJSON with flattened properties (see #14)
  • bugfixes and UI improvements




  • showing hyperlinks for http/https/ftp-URLs, email addresses and wikipedia entries
  • added new "welcome" message for first time users
  • slightly more robust template code


  • showing warning message for queries returning large amounts of data (>~ 1MB).
  • better progress indicator: show checkmarks for past events; also: made it a little more responsive during lenghty calculations
  • improved bbox-selector: hide if there is no use of {{bbox}} in the query, also: show manually selected bbox in "map view" info dialog
  • support for standard lat/lon/zoom parameters (in addition to turbo specific params)
  • added type-id template
  • updated template descriptions
  • fixed several compatibility issues and bugfixes


  • multipolygon rendering
  • implemented "templates" as an alternative to permalinks for basic queries
  • showing stats about number of elements loaded and displayed
  • more complete polygon detection
  • some internal code restructuring (new OSM4Leaflet and NoVanish classes)
  • added map key to help
  • bugfixes


  • display small features at low zoom like POIs
  • i18n support (and translation to German)
  • added "fullscreen" (wide) map view
  • handle untagged nodes as POIs when they are member of at least 1 relation
  • implemented first set of unit tests
  • upgraded to CodeMirror 2.38
  • bugfixes


  • resizable panels (editor/map)
  • tooltips for map controls
  • auto-repair also for "JOSM" export
  • enabled "include current map state in shared link" by default
  • upgrade to jquery 1.9.0 and jqueryUI 1.10.0
  • bugfixes


  • implemented auto-repairing of queries with a possible lack of recurse statements
  • upgrade to leaflet 0.5
  • disabled "start at current location" by default
  • added keyboard shortcuts for saving/loading and help
  • added clear data overlay button
  • added permalink to on export->map view
  • bugfixes
  • some internal code restructuring
  • appname (for X-Requested-With headers) set to overpass-turbo


  • initial release
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