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💫 Human friendly way to generate Overpass API queries
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Generates Overpass API queries from human friendly input. As seen in overpass turbo.

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command line utility

  $ npm install -g overpass-wizard
  $ # basic usage
  $ overpass-wizard "amenity=drinking_water"
  $ # example usage: grab data from Overpass API and display on
  $ overpass-wizard "amenity=drinking_water in Rome" | query-overpass | geojsonio
  $ # list command line options
  $ overpass-wizard --help


Install via npm: npm install --save overpass-wizard. The module exposes a single function that takes the search string and an optional option object as arguments:

function(search, options)

  • search: the wizard search string to be concerted into an Overpass API query
  • options: optional options
    • outputFormat: output data format. either json (default) or xml
    • outputMode: specifies the output mode. either recursive, recursive_meta or any valid value of the Overpass out statement (default: geom)
    • timeout: query timeout in seconds (default: 25)
    • maxsize: memory limit in bytes
    • globalBbox: produces a global bounding box query (default: true)
    • aroundRadius: radius (in m) to be used with around <location> searches (default: 1000)
    • comment: boolean or string. if false, no comments will be added to the Overpass query output. if it is a string, it will be used in the header to explain what the query is doing
    • freeFormPresets: (experimental) path to a JSON file with presets in the schema used by the iD editor. Used to expand free form search input (e.g. Hotel in Vienna).
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