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A simple bug/idea/feature tracking system for better team collaboration
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Teamspark Teamspark

What is Teamspark?

Teamspark is a clean and simple project/task management tool. It enables everyone within the team to capture inspiration, manage tasks, track the progress and communicate freely.

Online Demo

we provided an online demo for teamspark for you to test:

We provided two accounts:

admin user: admin/teamspark

normal user: demo/teamspark

You can login with these 2 users in different browsers (suggest chrome/firefox). If you want to register your own, you should use admin user to approve the new user.



Mongodb shall be installed as a database service for Teamspark. To install it:


$ sudo apt-get install mongodb

OSX with homebrew:

$ brew install mongodb

For windows and other platforms, please refer to the related documents.


Teamspark uses meteor framework. To install meteor:

$ curl | /bin/sh

Meanwhile, you can clone/fork the code to your local folder. When meteor/mongodb installation finished, you can run it by:

$ cd teamspark
$ meteor

Note: for chinese user, please checkout to chinese branch so that you could have a familiar user interface.

Then teamspark service will be started at port 3000. You can visit http://localhost:3000 to see the demo.


If you intend to use it in your own projects, make sure you configure the proper keys. Open teamspark/common/, replace the weibo app key/secret and api key with your own ones.


Teamspark is licensed under the MIT License.


Teamspark is designed and implemented by @tyrchen. For more information about the author, please visit:

Teamspark logo is contributed by @0065paula of Pyology.

More Information

For more information, please visit:

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