Generate a random inspiring quote for use with shell logins and message of the day. Or what ever other use you come up with there are no rule ;)
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	To brighten your day at the console with a randome quote much like the
old program fortune.

Work you Must Do:

	- download quote.rb from the repo

	- add this to bashrc
	    ruby /path/to/downloaded/script/quote.rb
	- gem install nokogiri

	- Enjoy it each time you fire up your shell


  2/28/12: The script would hang when there was no wan connection it now ping google and exits if there is no connection 
	2/15/13: Well its been awhile. Apparently the good people at decided to change their api. After researching alternatives do to quotedb's somewhat latent network I found quote daddy. I moved to nokogiri for the parsing every thing else is basically the same.