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KVIrc Log Archiver is Software developed originally for personal use, I decided to
upload it to github to allow other KVIrc users to sort their logging files more
logically as well.


Method 1 - Pre-compiled
a. Click downloads at the top-right
b. Download the latest version

Method 2 - Self-compiled: (Advanced users only, You have been warned.)
a. pull from the git: git://
    or the https:
b. Compile using your favourite IDE (I recommend Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express)


You can run this program with the following parameters, in any order:
-a <archiveFolder> -l <logFolder> [-q(uiet)|-v(erbose)] [-i(gnore)] 

-a <directory> = Specify location of the archives, if the folder has spaces in the name DOUBLE quotes are required.
-l <directory> = Specify location of the log files, if the folder has spaces in the name DOUBLE quotes are required.
-q or -quiet = Run program without saying anything (closes automatically when done!)
-v or -verbose = Run program with extra output
-i or -i = By default, KVIrc Log Archiver replaces logfiles if they already exist. With this parameter it will ignore the files instead.

NSFAQ (Not so frequently asked questions)

Q: How are you?
A: Pretty good, nobody's been asking me pesky questions about my software, yet.

Q: Are you officially afflicated with ?
A: No.

Q: Will you help me install KVIrc?
A: No.

Q: Banana?
A: Fish.

Q: Help! My logs disappeared!
A: First, that's not a question. Now, logs are disabled by default. They probably
never been there.

Q: I'm offended by your FAQ, where can I voice my complaints?
A: Find the nearest high point and yell REALLY loudly. If you don't get a response
within a reasonable time period, please try again.


Note: KVIrc Log archiver comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.

Feel free to ask questions by joining the IRC Channel #KVIrc on
If I don't respond, send me a private message

Name		    IRC Name	github User Position
Dimitri Molenaars   Tyrope	tyrope	    Developer

KVIrc Log archiver comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.

KVIrc Log archiver is free software and distributed under the WTFPL. However,
official support will only be provided to unmodified versions downloaded from:

More information:


It *simply* moves and renames some files.






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