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An asteroids-like HTML5 canvas game, implemented in node.js using websockets.
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Multiplayer Cosmic Drift

Note: Because my multiplayer version of Cosmic Drift, an asteroids-type game utilizing a JavaScript engine with HTML5 canvas for graphics, entailed a complete overhaul of my original, single player version, I've opted to create a new repo for this continuation of the project.


  • Arrow Keys turn
  • Forward applies thrust
  • Spacebar shoots
  • That's it! There's no braking in space!


###Single Player

Stay alive as long as possible, and destroy asteroids to rack up your score.


  • The object is to outlast your opponent.
  • If your opponent dies before you, you have 10 seconds to score bonus points.
  • Your victory (or defeat) will be measured by score differential.

Good Stuff/ Technical Features

  • Trig functions to determine rotation of ships and asteroids.
  • Finite State Machine handles game state transitions.
  • Predictive analysis used to minimize lag/number of packets transmitted over websockets.
  • Server-side data structures allow multiple concurrent multiplayer games.

Technologies used

  • Node.js
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • Websockets ( library)
  • Finite State Machine (javascript-state-machine library)

This app is hosted on Heroku, using their websockets add-on

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