Node.js compatible console library for GoogleAppsScript.
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console library for Google Apps Script porting from Node.js v0.10.26.

In google apps script, this provides console.log() or other methods. And you can see output on the web.


Using GAS Library

  1. Import GAS library 'console' into your gas project.

    project key : MYBwh3izlQThbSz1-36mOjVJodnbMh4p7 project name : console

  2. Open this URL in other browser window.

    project url :

  3. Code and run to output to console.

    or sample project is here.

  • Using this, google login required.

  • Where's my data?

    This library uses cache services only your account context. Anyone else can see your data.

Build your own library.

This project using

  1. Go to gas-console project directory.

  2. type npm install

  3. type ./build -o out.js

  • More info, see

Using fputs on Node.js

about fputs, see 'About Methods'.

  1. type npm install gas-console

  2. code require('gas-console');

then, added fputs method into object console.

About Methods


Only one method added to original is:


This method put string to stdout without '\n' at line end.

Other methods

See original documentation here.