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A demo of advanced OpenGL techniques using an Earth, Moon, and Sun scene.
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assets [ADDED] ability to render only bloom and godrays, fixed skybox. May 5, 2016

#Advanced Graphics#

Champlain College, Spring 2016####

Eric Nicholson & Ty Wood####

This repository holds all of our assignments for advanced graphics. Each assignment is a separate branch.

The repository URL is:

Assignment 1: Custom splash screen.

This assignment was to get our feet wet with 2LoC, the engine all of these assignments are built upon. It is a full-featured C++ engine featuring an entity-component system at its core.

Assignment 2: OpenGL cube with camera controls.

For this assignment, we used raw OpenGL calls to create a multi-colored cube, and then used glRotate, glTranslate, and glScale to add rudimentary camera controls to be able to see the entirety of the cube.

Assignment 4: Multi-textured Earth.

This assignment introduced shaders, and taught us basic modelling in Blender. The Earth is textured with multiple textures, with specular and diffuse calculations being performed. The scene is gamma corrected, and the skybox's stars twinkle using a random hash table.

Alt + mouse buttons to rotate, pan, and zoom the cube (left, right, and middle mouse button, respectively).

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