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Singularity container for running OSGEO software

Singularity Container for running OSGEO (GRASS, GDAL, QGIS, SAGA-GIS) on a virtual machine or localhost running Singularity.

Installing the container

First, install Singularity on your localhost or remote system.

As of early August 2018, Singularity is version 2.6.0

tar xvf singularity-$VERSION.tar.gz
cd singularity-$VERSION
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
sudo make install
cd ..
sudo rm -rf singularity-$VERSION.tar.gz

Pull the Container from Singularity Hub

The latest image is hosted on Singularity Hub.

singularity pull --name osgeo.simg shub://tyson-swetnam/osgeo-singularity

Build locally

To build locally, pull this repository:

git clone
cd osgeo-singularity

Build the container locally:

sudo singularity build osgeo.simg Singularity

NOTE: The Singularity file has some options in the %post section for installing NVIDIA drivers and OpenGL - these are currently commented out in the Singularity-Hub build.

Starting the Container

To run the container as a shell:

singularity shell osgeo.simg

To run the container with a GUI interface for GRASS:

singularity exec osgeo.simg grass74


singularity exec osgeo.simg qgis

For Saga-GIS GUI:

singularity exec osgeo.simg saga_gui

If you are accessing the container remotely, make sure to use the ssh -X flag