Sandbox to play with DDD/CQRS principle with PHP and Symfony2
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[Outdated] To see a fresher example of CQRS - EventSourcing real world app :


Sandbox to play with CQRS and DDD principle with PHP and Symfony2.

All CQRS Stuff is provided by LiteCQRS.

It requires PHP 5.4.

What it is exactly ?

A little Blackjack browser game !

Game are very good to teach about multiples business rules. I decided to make one to have a better experience while I tryed to learn DDD and CQRS stuff.

As I love PHP (sic) and Symfony2, the game is build with these 2 tools and try to make the bigger efforts to offering real solutions to real issues.

The way it works

All the code come from my different reading, don't take it for other that my small experience.

Mysql, through Doctrine ORM, is used :

  • to store the events
  • to store the projection

Yes, I love Mysql too : )

The specifications can be found in spec folder and run via bin/phpspec run --format=pretty

Want to see in real world ?

Just run a couple of command :

composer install
bower install
app/console doctrine:database:create
app/console doctrine:schema:create

You can now open your browser to the localhost you defined and play to Blackjack !