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light/fast gpsd with maemo frontend and other features
C Python
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This is designed to build mainly under scratchbox.

Need to add something to /etc/udev/rules.d to make rfcomm not require root.

I normally use an external 10Hz GPS and a J1850 monitor (from OBDPros)
both via bluetooth.

(Initially the following is off with the config at 0 minutes):
minigpsd will write kml files into timestamped directories under
/media/mmc1/minigpsd/ (configurable).  Every 5 (configurable) minutes
it will split and turn the completed kml into kmz.  They will contain
all NMEA sentences (and OBD traffic) as appears on the bus as internal
XML comments - this is designed mainly for postprocessing and
verification (Dilut1ion of Position, num satellites).  It will create
a directory with the name of the current system time then put the
kml/kmz files under it and will continue until it is stopped and

It has a web server at 8888 (config) which will provide a page with
gps status and links to google maps and weather radar,
or if you ask for a kml (e.g. something like
...:8888/x-60-1500.kml) it will work as a network link for google
earth looking down from 1500 meters (feet?) at a 60 degree tilt.
http://localhost:8888/x.html will get gpsstatus.
Google Earth network links:<tilt>-<range>.kml

There is also gpsdata.xml which returns the location for the javascript 
in dogmap.

The Python programs can configure the various things.
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