A framework for testing and implementing algorithms for libre.
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This is an apk that allows translating libre sensor readings to blood glucose. It has been able to get results extremely close to the libre reader without any calibrations. Should be used with xDrip-plus.

TLDR: To create the apk, please do the following (on a windows pc):

Make sure that your pc has android studio instaled. follow the movie at https://developer.android.com/studio/install.html for instructions on how to install android studio.

Creating the apk using chrome:

  1. You are now on the page: https://github.com/tzachi-dar/LibreOOPAlgorithm.
  2. Press clone or download. Then Download zip.
  3. On the downloaded file, right click "show in folder".
  4. right click "Extract all ...". Press extract.
  5. A new windows will be opened, double click LibreOOPAlgorithm-master
  6. double click windows_create_apk.cmd (If windows will ask for permission to run the file, please allow it). After a few seconds the file LibreOOPAlgorithm.apk will be in the directory. Send it by mail to the phone and install it.

Here is a short youtube video showing what you should do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfLHT9pI058& (If this is taking more then 60 seconds, you need to practice.)

On your phone, Open the apk. If you see a message saying "The algorithm worked successfully" all is done. If you see an error message please let me know.

from command line (advanced) run

The apk that you need to install is LibreOOPAlgorithm.apk Before doing it, please go to settings->security and turn on "unknown sources"

You can install the apk in anyway you like, for example: adb install LibreOOPAlgorithm.apk git clone https://github.com/tzachi-dar/LibreOOPAlgorithm.git
cd LibreOOPAlgorithm

You can also send it by mail (or copy) it to your phone and install it from there.

If you are using Mac or linux, please do the following:

Download and install java jdk first to make sure the "jarsigner" command is available !

git clone https://github.com/tzachi-dar/LibreOOPAlgorithm.git

cd LibreOOPAlgorithm



Setting xDrip to work with the oop Algorithm.

Currently Tomato (MiaoMiao), BluCon, LibreAlarm and direct scanning supports the Libre OOP Algorithm.

xDrip has to be at a version after 21st may 2018 nightly. (This probably means that you have to download the latest nightly).

On xdrip go to setting->less common settings->other misc options-> and set out of process blukon algorithm. (If this option is disabled, this means that your version of xDrip is too old).

The propose of this project is to allow opensource projects to use the same algorithm for bg calculation.

This is a specific example that simulates official results, but anyone can implement whatever algorithm that he wants.

Please see the class IntentsReceiver for how to send and receive intents with raw data from the libre sensor.