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A generic multiplatform launcher and dependency downloader for Neverwinter Nights. The launcher is meant to be customized per-server and distributed as a standalone or an installer by the server.

Work in progress! Files can currently be lost. Made to be multiplatform, but not tested on Linux nor OS X!


  • Automatically finds NWN's path on Windows. WIP: Linux and OS X support.
  • Downloads dependencies (haks, erfs, tlks, overrides, portraits..).
  • Able to update dependencies per-file according to a checksum or a version number.
  • Configurable to various styles of distribution. You can use a custom file server or even NWVault for dependencies.
  • Recognizes if the user is using the default CD key and warns about it.
  • Can write to Windows hosts file to speed up launch.
  • Supports both PC and DM connections.
  • Checkboxes for whether to download overrides, music, portraits.
  • Multiple server configurations per one launcher. Simply choose your server from a drop-down!
  • Picks the server IP from a remote configuration file; Can change server IP without reinstalling NWN Launcher.


Download the pre-created launcher template some url and extract.

Quick guide

  • Setup a file server. NWNLauncher Backend is recommended but not necessary.
  • Copy your haks, erfs, tlks, overrides, music, portraits to your file server, preferrably behind hak, erf, etc directories.
  • Customize your files.toml in the root of your file server.
  • Change local_versions_file in your launcher bundle's config.toml
  • Change remote_data_file in your launcher bundle's config.toml to your files.toml URL.
  • Change nwn_server_address in your launcher bundle's config.toml to your NWN server's address.
  • Replace the images in images/ of the launcher template with your own customized images.

The recommended way of distributing the dependencies of your server is by providing them online. For this, NWN Launcher needs a files.toml file, which describes the set of files. Any file server can be used for the purpose of serving the files online, though NWNLauncher Backend is a slim file server project tailored specifically for NWNLauncher.

The defaut files.toml should look something like this:

  server_ip = ""

  name = "cep2_add_doors.hak"
  version = 1
  url = "~hak/cep2_add_doors.hak"
  target_dir = "hak"
  target_file = "cep2_add_doors.hak"
  checksum = "555889644a83c4ceaabf7f8f27c762be"

  name = "cep2_add_loads.hak"
  version = 1
  url = "~hak/cep2_add_loads.hak"
  target_dir = "hak"
  target_file = "cep2_add_loads.hak"
  checksum = "03f0a763fa1c4f15366ee3dda86bfc58"

~ before url indicates an URL relative to the location of files.toml. So, if your files.toml was provided at, then the resolved path would be for the file cep2_add_doors.hak. Full URLs can be also used; In this case, simply omit the wiggly. For full documentation of the variables in files.toml, check some url.

The server_ip is the IP of the Neverwinter Nights server to connect to.

Once your files are available, open config.toml in the root of the template directory you extracted earlier and change the remote_data_file config variable to point to the full URL of your files.toml file. Now is a good time to also change nwn_server_address in config.toml to match the address of your NWN server. This address will be used if files.toml is unavailable.


You can also fork the sources of the project and create your own version of it.


Currently, the only dependency in addittion to Python 3.4 is pytoml (pip install pytoml)




A generic launcher and dependency downloader for Neverwinter Nights.




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