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libccd is library for a collision detection between two convex shapes.
libccd implements variation on Gilbert–Johnson–Keerthi algorithm plus Expand
Polytope Algorithm (EPA) and also implements algorithm Minkowski Portal
Refinement (MPR, a.k.a. XenoCollide) as described in Game Programming Gems 7.
For more info see home of libccd:
This library is currently based only on standard libraries.
The only exception are testsuites that are built on top of CU
( library licensed under LGPL, however only testing depends on
it and libccd library itself can be distributed without it.
libccd is licensed under OSI-approved 3-clause BSD License, text of license
is distributed along with source code in BSD-LICENSE file.
Each file should include license notice, the rest should be considered as
licensed under 3-clause BSD License.
Compile And Install
Simply type 'make' and 'make install' in src/ directory.
Library libccd is by default compiled in double precision of floating point
numbers - you can controll this by options USE_SINGLE/USE_DOUBLE, i.e.:
$ make USE_SINGLE=yes
will compile library in single precision.
Installation directory can be changed by options PREFIX, INCLUDEDIR and
For more info type 'make help'.
Compile And Install Using Autotools
libccd also contains support for autotools:
1) Generate configure script etc.: $ ./bootstrap
2) Create new build/ directory: $ mkdir build && cd build
3) Run configure script: $ ../configure
4) Run make and make install: $ make && make install
configure script can change the way libccd is compiled and installed, most
significant option is --enable-double-precision which enables double
precision (single is default in this case).
See ccd.h for public API.
In your application include <ccd/ccd.h>, setup ccd_t structure and run some
of functions (all functions are reentrant). Then link with libccd.a.
- contains source files of libccd.
- testsuites - libccd must be compiled before compiling this.
- CU unit testing framework
- files ready for regression tests
- some documentation.