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Welcome to the ode4j wiki!

ode4j is a port of the ODE C/C++ physics engine. Details can be found on the homepage.

There are several ways to get started with ode4j:

  • The simplest way is get the zipped sources or jar files and just add them to you project. The jar files are also available through maven.
  • You can also checkout the sources with git, as described here.
  • You can fully rely on maven to resolve the dependencies. This is somewhat advanced in case you intend to use the demo packages, because the demos use native lwjgl libraries which can be a bit difficult to get right with maven. This is partly described here.

The demos require the lwjgl libraries for the graphics. If you install them, don't forget to associate the native libraries for your platform with the jar file, for example in Eclipse via Build Path->Libraries.

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