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- Fix #114:
- Assure Test_021_::testThatLastCommitPrevails() works
- Simplify to read RootPage into a single objects (as all other pages in the DB!!!
- Merge!
- For other problems:
- Fix min/max TX id in FSM, this is broken!!!!
- Retest with wait(10) after commit() -> Seems to work, test with Peptide!
- Check for other (wrong) usages of TX-ID
- Try:
- Allow only single concurrent reader
- Flush after every page write! Flush after every write!!!! Just for testing!
- Double check usage/rollback of retry() in concurrent test write()
- close/reopen file after each commit() -> Flush problem??
- Generally check flush
// why do we revert?
// After a failed optimistic verification, we only need to
// clean up the TxOidRegistry (if a anything).
// Nevertheless, revrt() should work, but that is a diufferent story:
// -> Brute force test by enforcing revert before/after every commit?
// System.out.println("RootRevert: " + rootPageID + " by " + this); // TODO
- Think about handling retained objects!
-> Can we ignore this for now (no read-consistency check)?
- revert more stuff?
TODO: Remove empty TX from SessionManager..
- enable/disable field index
- enable/disable schema auto creation
- enable disable retain values
BIG TODO (Query V4):
- Re-run example.perf.query
- Why is range query so slow?
- Why is 60% time spent in Object.hashcode()?
- Implement Functions for sort/project
- Tests!
- Move optimzer (mostly) from Executor to Compiler -> Test perf with examples.perf.query
- Move Query projection-compilation/parsing from execution into compiler/parser
- Avoid creating lots of iterators for result (SynchedROColl.iterator()...)
- Performance, Object.hashcode() in example.perf.query Q3/Q4
- Queries:
- Still missing: Variables in complex queries, projection, GROUP BY,
AVG/MIN/MAX to use index, ...