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from django import forms
from django.template import Context
from django.template.loader import get_template
from django import template
from bootstrapform import config
register = template.Library()
def bootstrap(element):
markup_classes = {'label': '', 'value': '', 'single_value': ''}
return render(element, markup_classes)
def bootstrap_inline(element):
markup_classes = {'label': 'sr-only', 'value': '', 'single_value': ''}
return render(element, markup_classes)
def bootstrap_horizontal(element, label_cols={}):
if not label_cols:
label_cols = 'col-sm-2 col-lg-2'
markup_classes = {'label': label_cols,
'value': '',
'single_value': ''}
for cl in label_cols.split(' '):
splitted_class = cl.split('-')
value_nb_cols = int(splitted_class[-1])
except ValueError:
value_nb_cols = config.BOOTSTRAP_COLUMN_COUNT
if value_nb_cols >= config.BOOTSTRAP_COLUMN_COUNT:
splitted_class[-1] = config.BOOTSTRAP_COLUMN_COUNT
offset_class = cl.split('-')
offset_class[-1] = 'offset-' + str(value_nb_cols)
splitted_class[-1] = str(config.BOOTSTRAP_COLUMN_COUNT - value_nb_cols)
markup_classes['single_value'] += ' ' + '-'.join(offset_class)
markup_classes['single_value'] += ' ' + '-'.join(splitted_class)
markup_classes['value'] += ' ' + '-'.join(splitted_class)
return render(element, markup_classes)
def add_input_classes(field):
if not is_checkbox(field) and not is_multiple_checkbox(field) \
and not is_radio(field) and not is_file(field):
field_classes = field.field.widget.attrs.get('class', '')
field_classes += ' form-control'
field.field.widget.attrs['class'] = field_classes
def render(element, markup_classes):
element_type = element.__class__.__name__.lower()
if element_type == 'boundfield':
template = get_template("bootstrapform/field.html")
context = Context({'field': element, 'classes': markup_classes})
has_management = getattr(element, 'management_form', None)
if has_management:
for form in element.forms:
for field in form.visible_fields():
template = get_template("bootstrapform/formset.html")
context = Context({'formset': element, 'classes': markup_classes})
for field in element.visible_fields():
template = get_template("bootstrapform/form.html")
context = Context({'form': element, 'classes': markup_classes})
return template.render(context)
def is_checkbox(field):
return isinstance(field.field.widget, forms.CheckboxInput)
def is_multiple_checkbox(field):
return isinstance(field.field.widget, forms.CheckboxSelectMultiple)
def is_radio(field):
return isinstance(field.field.widget, forms.RadioSelect)
def is_file(field):
return isinstance(field.field.widget, forms.FileInput)
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