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WiFiManager is a library for the ESP8266/Arduino platform
( to enable easy
configuration and reconfiguration of WiFi credentials using a Captive Portal
inspired by:
Built by AlexT
Licensed under MIT license
#ifndef WiFiManager_h
#define WiFiManager_h
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <ESP8266WebServer.h>
#include <DNSServer.h>
#include <memory>
extern "C" {
#include "user_interface.h"
const char HTTP_HEADER[] PROGMEM = "<!DOCTYPE html><html lang=\"en\"><head><meta charset=\"UTF-8\"><meta name=\"viewport\" content=\"width=device-width, initial-scale=1, user-scalable=no\"/><title>{v}</title>";
const char HTTP_STYLE[] PROGMEM = "<style>.c{text-align: center;} div,input{padding:5px;font-size:1em;} input{width:95%;} body{text-align: center;font-family:verdana;} button{border:0;border-radius:0.3rem;background-color:#1fa3ec;color:#fff;line-height:2.4rem;font-size:1.2rem;width:100%;} .q{float: right;width: 64px;text-align: right;} .l{background: url(\"\") no-repeat left center;background-size: 1em;}</style>";
const char HTTP_SCRIPT[] PROGMEM = "<script>function c(l){document.getElementById('s').value=l.innerText||l.textContent;document.getElementById('p').focus();}</script>";
const char HTTP_HEADER_END[] PROGMEM = "</head><body><div style='text-align:left;display:inline-block;min-width:260px;'>";
const char HTTP_PORTAL_OPTIONS[] PROGMEM = "<form action=\"/wifi\" method=\"get\"><button>Configure WiFi</button></form><br/><form action=\"/0wifi\" method=\"get\"><button>Configure WiFi (No Scan)</button></form><br/><form action=\"/i\" method=\"get\"><button>Info</button></form><br/><form action=\"/r\" method=\"post\"><button>Reset</button></form>";
const char HTTP_ITEM[] PROGMEM = "<div><a href='#p' onclick='c(this)'>{v}</a>&nbsp;<span class='q {i}'>{r}%</span></div>";
const char HTTP_FORM_START[] PROGMEM = "<form method='get' action='wifisave'><input id='s' name='s' length=32 placeholder='SSID'><br/><input id='p' name='p' length=64 type='password' placeholder='password'><br/>";
const char HTTP_FORM_PARAM[] PROGMEM = "<br/><input id='{i}' name='{n}' maxlength={l} placeholder='{p}' value='{v}' {c}>";
const char HTTP_FORM_END[] PROGMEM = "<br/><button type='submit'>save</button></form>";
const char HTTP_SCAN_LINK[] PROGMEM = "<br/><div class=\"c\"><a href=\"/wifi\">Scan</a></div>";
const char HTTP_SAVED[] PROGMEM = "<div>Credentials Saved<br />Trying to connect ESP to network.<br />If it fails reconnect to AP to try again</div>";
const char HTTP_END[] PROGMEM = "</div></body></html>";
class WiFiManagerParameter {
Create custom parameters that can be added to the WiFiManager setup web page
@id is used for HTTP queries and must not contain spaces nor other special characters
WiFiManagerParameter(const char *custom);
WiFiManagerParameter(const char *id, const char *placeholder, const char *defaultValue, int length);
WiFiManagerParameter(const char *id, const char *placeholder, const char *defaultValue, int length, const char *custom);
const char *getID();
const char *getValue();
const char *getPlaceholder();
int getValueLength();
const char *getCustomHTML();
const char *_id;
const char *_placeholder;
char *_value;
int _length;
const char *_customHTML;
void init(const char *id, const char *placeholder, const char *defaultValue, int length, const char *custom);
friend class WiFiManager;
class WiFiManager
boolean autoConnect();
boolean autoConnect(char const *apName, char const *apPassword = NULL);
//if you want to always start the config portal, without trying to connect first
boolean startConfigPortal();
boolean startConfigPortal(char const *apName, char const *apPassword = NULL);
// get the AP name of the config portal, so it can be used in the callback
String getConfigPortalSSID();
void resetSettings();
//sets timeout before webserver loop ends and exits even if there has been no setup.
//useful for devices that failed to connect at some point and got stuck in a webserver loop
//in seconds setConfigPortalTimeout is a new name for setTimeout
void setConfigPortalTimeout(unsigned long seconds);
void setTimeout(unsigned long seconds);
//sets timeout for which to attempt connecting, useful if you get a lot of failed connects
void setConnectTimeout(unsigned long seconds);
void setDebugOutput(boolean debug);
//defaults to not showing anything under 8% signal quality if called
void setMinimumSignalQuality(int quality = 8);
//sets a custom ip /gateway /subnet configuration
void setAPStaticIPConfig(IPAddress ip, IPAddress gw, IPAddress sn);
//sets config for a static IP
void setSTAStaticIPConfig(IPAddress ip, IPAddress gw, IPAddress sn);
//called when AP mode and config portal is started
void setAPCallback( void (*func)(WiFiManager*) );
//called when settings have been changed and connection was successful
void setSaveConfigCallback( void (*func)(void) );
//adds a custom parameter, returns false on failure
bool addParameter(WiFiManagerParameter *p);
//if this is set, it will exit after config, even if connection is unsuccessful.
void setBreakAfterConfig(boolean shouldBreak);
//if this is set, try WPS setup when starting (this will delay config portal for up to 2 mins)
//if this is set, customise style
void setCustomHeadElement(const char* element);
//if this is true, remove duplicated Access Points - defaut true
void setRemoveDuplicateAPs(boolean removeDuplicates);
std::unique_ptr<DNSServer> dnsServer;
std::unique_ptr<ESP8266WebServer> server;
//const int WM_DONE = 0;
//const int WM_WAIT = 10;
//const String HTTP_HEADER = "<!DOCTYPE html><html lang=\"en\"><head><meta name=\"viewport\" content=\"width=device-width, initial-scale=1\"/><title>{v}</title>";
void setupConfigPortal();
void startWPS();
const char* _apName = "no-net";
const char* _apPassword = NULL;
String _ssid = "";
String _pass = "";
unsigned long _configPortalTimeout = 0;
unsigned long _connectTimeout = 0;
unsigned long _configPortalStart = 0;
IPAddress _ap_static_ip;
IPAddress _ap_static_gw;
IPAddress _ap_static_sn;
IPAddress _sta_static_ip;
IPAddress _sta_static_gw;
IPAddress _sta_static_sn;
int _paramsCount = 0;
int _minimumQuality = -1;
boolean _removeDuplicateAPs = true;
boolean _shouldBreakAfterConfig = false;
boolean _tryWPS = false;
const char* _customHeadElement = "";
//String getEEPROMString(int start, int len);
//void setEEPROMString(int start, int len, String string);
int status = WL_IDLE_STATUS;
int connectWifi(String ssid, String pass);
uint8_t waitForConnectResult();
void handleRoot();
void handleWifi(boolean scan);
void handleWifiSave();
void handleInfo();
void handleReset();
void handleNotFound();
void handle204();
boolean captivePortal();
boolean configPortalHasTimeout();
// DNS server
const byte DNS_PORT = 53;
int getRSSIasQuality(int RSSI);
boolean isIp(String str);
String toStringIp(IPAddress ip);
boolean connect;
boolean _debug = true;
void (*_apcallback)(WiFiManager*) = NULL;
void (*_savecallback)(void) = NULL;
int _max_params;
WiFiManagerParameter** _params;
template <typename Generic>
void DEBUG_WM(Generic text);
template <class T>
auto optionalIPFromString(T *obj, const char *s) -> decltype( obj->fromString(s) ) {
return obj->fromString(s);
auto optionalIPFromString(...) -> bool {
DEBUG_WM("NO fromString METHOD ON IPAddress, you need ESP8266 core 2.1.0 or newer for Custom IP configuration to work.");
return false;
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