Blynk app integration with Node Red
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Blynk app integration with Node Red

This contrib will no longer be updated. Please use the websockets version.

Websockets version

Due to some reliability issues reported by some users, together with some new features added by the Blynk team, I started another version of this based on websockets.

Normal Blynk Protocol version

NPM npm version

If you installed Node Red globally use this to install npm install --global node-red-contrib-blynk

Supports both SSL, non SSL connections to and local server.

Supported events and widgets

  • read event
  • write event
  • write command
  • LCD widget (advanced mode)
  • push notifications

Blynk App Settings

Use Raspberry PI as hardware to access 64 virtual pins or Generic Board for 32.

How to use

LCD Widget LCD Print Widget Node

  • use advanced mode on LCD Widget in iOS/android Blynk App
  • set message.payload to the text you want displayed
  • set message.topic to the line you want it shown on (0 or 1, defaults to 0)
  • set message.payload to 'clear-lcd' if you want to clear it


Use the verbose -v flag when starting Node-Red to get more information

Available Nodes

Available Nodes