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This is a sample/boilerplate project that shows how to create a production-ready hyperapp application.
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HyperApp Boilerplate

The purpose of this example was to create a starting-point for a HyperApp project.

I decided to use Taskr along with Rollup, since the combination of the two seems to create a pleasant development/build experience.

I suppose this example can also be used as a starting point for a Taskr/Rollup app.

Getting started

npm install
npm start

Your browser should have automatically launched http://localhost:4000!

Any changes you make to your code will also automatically be reflected in the browser.

You can also view the example app here:

Building a release

npm run build

This will generate a release directory with your minified/rev'd assets.

Using serve

npm run serve

This will use serve to statically serve your app from the release directory.


The basis of the counter code was mostly copied from @selfup's hyperapp-one example. I also thank @lukeed and @jbucaran for all of the taskr examples, and the library itself.


Tom Zellman (@tzellman)

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