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A collection of shiny applications for the R package Luminescence. These mainly, but not exclusively, include applications for plotting chronometric data from e.g. luminescence or radiocarbon dating. It further provides access to twitter bootstraps tooltip and pop over functionality and contains the jscolor.js library with a custom shiny output binding.


To install the stable version from CRAN, simply run the following from an R console:


To install the latest development builds directly from GitHub, run

if (!require("devtools"))


The RLumShiny package provides a single function from which all apps can be started: app_RLum(). It essentially only takes one argument, which is a unique keyword to specify which app to start. See the table below for a list of available apps and which keywords to use.

Application Keyword Function
Abanico Plot abanico plot_AbanicoPlot
Histogram histogram plot_Histogram
Kernel Density Estimate Plot KDE plot_KDE
Radial Plot radialplot plot_RadialPlot
Dose Recovery Test doserecovery plot_DRTResults
Cosmic Dose Rate cosmicdose calc_CosmicDoseRate
CW Curve Transformation transformCW CW2pHMi, CW2pLM, CW2pLMi, CW2pPMi
Plot Filter Combinations filter plot_FilterCombinations
Calculate Fast Ratio fastratio calc_FastRatio
Fading measurement analysis and correction fading analyse_FadingMeasurement, calc_FadingCorr
Test OSL/IRSL Stimulation Power teststimulationpower plot_RLum
Scale Gamma Dose Rate† scalegamma scale_GammaDose()
Model dose rate evolution in carbonate-rich samples RCarb RCarb::model_DoseRate

The app_RLum() function is just a wrapper for shiny::runApp(). Via the ... argument further arguments can be directly passed to shiny::runApp(). See ?shiny::runApp for further details on valid arguments.

† Requires the development version (@dev_0.9.0-branch) of the Luminescence package.

Extending Shiny

In addition to its main purpose of providing convenient access to the Luminescence shiny applications this package also provides further functions to extend the functionality of shiny. From the Bootstrap framework the JavaScript tooltip and popover components can be added to any shiny application via tooltip() and popover().

It further provides a custom input binding to the JavaScript/HTML color picker JSColor. Offering access to most options provided by the JSColor API the function jscolorInput() is easily implemented in a shiny app. RGB colors are returned as hex values and can be directly used in R’s base plotting functions without requiring any format conversion.


Abanico Plot app


Abanico app


tooltip(refId, text, attr = NULL, animation = TRUE, delay = 100, html = TRUE, placement = "auto", trigger = "hover")



jscolorInput(inputId, label, value, position = "bottom", color = "transparent", mode = "HSV", slider = TRUE, close = FALSE)



This package is part of the R Luminescence project. The is based on and evolves from ideas, contributions and constructive criticism of its users. Help us to maintain and develop the package, to find bugs and create new functions as well as a user-friendly design. Visit our message board or write us an e-mail if anything crosses your mind or if you want your new self-written shiny application to be to implemented. You are kindly invited to bring forward the package with us!


This version is a development version and it comes without any guarantee! For stable branches please visit the package on CRAN ‘RLumShiny’.


The 'RLumShiny' package is licensed under the GPLv3. See these files in the main directory for additional details:

  • LICENSE.note

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