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Regulatory compliant smart contracts built for the future of securities, leveraging the power, security, and transparency of the blockchain
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Hosho Infura

The Trading Platform

The trading platform is a regulatory-compliant suite of smart contracts serving as an Alternative Trading Solution (ATS) that allows trading and fast settlement of securities in t-0 time. Built on the Ethereum chain, the platform provides secure, fault-tolerant, transparent, and fast transaction settlement while being compliant to regulatory requirements.

The platform provides methods for issuance of security tokens which can be customized to represent various types of securities. The security tokens are ERC-20 compliant and compliant with the Delaware General Corporate Law, Title 8.

This project describes the set of Ethereum contracts that represent tZERO's token and trading functionality. See below for instructions and walk-throughs for third-party integration and customization.


For a token to be tradable, it first has to be defined, created and then be constrained within the set of regulatory rules to ensure compliance with the trading laws for the parties involved (investors, broker-dealers, and custodians).

Detailed Design Diagram

The tokens are created and their trades validated within the following interrelated set of components:


The token contract that defines and creates the tokens which are the securities to be traded.

See the Token contract page for in-depth details.


The registry is the grouping of storage, investor, broker-dealer, and custodian contracts that define and coordinate the behavior of these interacting entities.

See the Registry page for in-depth details.


The Compliance is a contract that houses the set of trade rules and exemptions (e.g. Reg A, Reg D, etc.). The compliance rule set allows valid trades and stops the improper trades from taking place.

See the Compliance page for in-depth details.



Contract Address
Storage 0x2d1477dd9c494e8758ec8d03f9f8b838ce394414
Custodian 0x2963488e2a140ca324e086ab8f89b5d533f1081d
Broker 0x3ecb8f0d127e22d436b26fccad4f38d7f5b91ee9
Investor 0x857f6a42634a14847cc4e0226f36906f0a77cee3
T0kenCompliance 0x7337a2423b982e00c060d90710656714751f068e
T0ken 0x5bd5B4e1a2c9B12812795E7217201B78C8C10b78

Third-Party Integration

See the Third Party Integration page for in-depth details.


This repo contains only the Solidity contracts, all other files (including tests, tools, etc.) have been excluded for now.
We'll be providing all other files in the future, but for now this allows anyone to use the contracts in Truffle, ZeppelinOS, etc.

We have included a Makefile if you just want to compile the contracts for ABI/Bin:

To build, simply run:

% make

This will create the build/ folder with all ABI/Bin files, along with a contracts.js that can be used within a Geth session.


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.


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