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updated compatibility chart with correct Opera information

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commit 97dd481861c47db6e97c71d324848ddefb7e61da 1 parent e3afffb
Mark Pilgrim authored
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4 offline.html
@@ -25,10 +25,10 @@ <h2 id=divingin>Diving In</h2>
<table class=bc>
<caption>Offline support</caption>
-<tr><th title="Internet Explorer">IE<th title="Firefox 3.5">Firefox<th title="Safari 4">Safari<th title="Google Chrome 5">Chrome<th>Opera<th>iPhone<th>Android
+<tr><th title="Internet Explorer">IE<th title="Mozilla Firefox">Firefox<th title="Apple Safari">Safari<th title="Google Chrome">Chrome<th>Opera<th>iPhone<th>Android
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