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TZInfo - Ruby Timezone Library
-[TZInfo]( provides daylight savings aware
+[TZInfo]( provides daylight savings aware
transformations between times in different timezones.
@@ -44,13 +44,6 @@ installed:
gem install tzinfo-data
-Tar, Zip and RubyGem packages of TZInfo and TZInfo::Data can be downloaded from
Example Usage
@@ -131,9 +124,7 @@ thread boundaries.
-API documentation can be found at
+API documentation for TZInfo is available on [](
@@ -142,8 +133,14 @@ License
TZInfo is released under the MIT license, see LICENSE for details.
+Source Code
+Source code for TZInfo is available on [GitHub](
+Issue Tracker
-Please post to the [TZInfo Users mailing list](
-if you require assistance or have any suggestions.
+Please post any bugs, issues, feature requests or questions to the
+[GitHub issue tracker](
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