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Releases: tzlion/hhugboy


21 Mar 22:11
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  • Vast Fame original mapper support
  • Integration with LibGBlink to assist with reverse engineering cartridge mappers using the actual cartridge in a connected Game Boy (this one has pretty niche appeal) (maybe the audience is just me)
  • Overhaul visual rumble feature, fix games that didn't "rumble" at all, & simulate different "strengths" of rumble e.g. Pokemon Pinball EU ver.
  • Fix saving for MBC2 games (FF Legend, FF Adventure etc)
  • A bunch of behind-the-scenes changes to how mappers & saving work. This should mostly have no perceptible effect but might've fixed some obscure bugs around loading savestates using multicarts. However it will also mean old savestates for Tamagotchi 3 won't load in this version. Sorry if anyone was playing that :(


22 Feb 11:28
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  • Fix logo swap behaviour for GGB-81 PCB when using bootstrap & implement GBX support for PCB variants that do not swap the logo


06 Dec 16:32
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  • New mapper support: New GB Color HKxxxx PCB (used for Pokémon hacks), Vast Fame secondary releases on GGB-81 PCB (and others)
  • Allow undersized save files to be read (to avoid saves being wiped when an "unlicensed compatibility mode" change results in a RAM size change)


29 Oct 22:00
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  • New mapper support: Sachen MMC1, Sachen MMC2, Mani M161, Rocket Games, Wisdom Tree (NewRisingSun)
  • MMM01 mapper rewritten & implemented properly (NewRisingSun)
  • Support bootstrap ROMs named cgb_boot.bin or dmg_boot.bin (NewRisingSun)
  • Fix certain Unicode filenames corrupting config file (NewRisingSun)
    Note this changes the encoding of file paths, so if you are using a config file from an older version, you will have to redefine them
  • Fix rendering issues causing wrong colours in 32-bit rendering and 16-bit when using colour mixing (NewRisingSun)
  • Fix font file handle being kept open (NewRisingSun)
  • Reverse default A and B buttons to X and Z to reflect real console order
    (default turbo A and B buttons are also reversed accordingly)
  • Don't activate menus when pressing Alt alone so it can be used as an input


27 Jul 00:52
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  • Add debug logging for Sintax & BBD protection initialisation modes (to work with Sintaxinator in hhugtools)


31 Oct 20:54
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  • Add memory searcher
  • Add support for original Pokemon Jade/Diamond
  • Add selectable MBC3 compatible mode
  • Some refactoring of graphics code which should hopefully have no effect


11 Mar 12:05
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  • Fix MBC5 RAM banking bug observed to affect unlicensed games
    e.g. Fengkuang Dafuweng (V.Fame), Digimon Pocket (Makon)


05 Mar 00:59
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  • Add support for GBX file format
  • Add support for NT new carts supporting later Makon single cart games
  • Rename 'NT KL' compatibility mode to 'NT Old' (since KL PCB codes were also used on at least one cart with the new mapper)
  • Support for Mortal Kombat 1&2 1MB dump
  • Cart detection code updates, mostly should have no effect aside from a couple bad ROMs no longer being picked up
  • Added ability to select Liebao Technology mode manually
  • Refactored UI code & added secret debug window, which is a secret


23 Aug 23:50
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  • Detection for more NT KL carts
  • Visual rumble implemented for NT KL type 2 carts
  • Somewhat more-accurate rumble on official carts
  • Restore compatibility for old Rockman 8 dump
  • Tidy up detection code a bit


13 Aug 22:25
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  • NT/Makon early carts support
  • Option for compatibility with unlicensed games with standard mappers but fake headers
  • "Realistic colours" off by default