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@tzlion tzlion released this 21 Mar 22:11
  • Vast Fame original mapper support
  • Integration with LibGBlink to assist with reverse engineering cartridge mappers using the actual cartridge in a connected Game Boy (this one has pretty niche appeal) (maybe the audience is just me)
  • Overhaul visual rumble feature, fix games that didn't "rumble" at all, & simulate different "strengths" of rumble e.g. Pokemon Pinball EU ver.
  • Fix saving for MBC2 games (FF Legend, FF Adventure etc)
  • A bunch of behind-the-scenes changes to how mappers & saving work. This should mostly have no perceptible effect but might've fixed some obscure bugs around loading savestates using multicarts. However it will also mean old savestates for Tamagotchi 3 won't load in this version. Sorry if anyone was playing that :(