Reddit bot to mirror dropbox submissions
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Dropbox Mirror Bot for Reddit

Dropbox files become unavaiable if they recieve too much traffic. This is problematic for files that are posted to reddit where they may be accessed by many people in a short period of time. This bot seeks to solve that problem by searching for submissions that come from the dropbox domain. In this first implementation, the bot will only focus on mirroring image files by reuploading them to imgur. However, other versions could mirror other filetypes such as videos (via youtube or vimeo), audio (via soundcloud), pdf, txt or any other filetype that is posted frequently.

Basic Bot Functionality Outline:

  1. Scrape both for submissions that contain a supported filetype
  2. When a supported filetype is found, download the file
  3. Reupload to the appropriate host depending on the filetype.
  4. Post explanation of the bot and a link to the mirror as a comment in the original submissions.
  5. Delete the temporary files.
  6. Continue searching for supported filetypes.


First, you must rename the sample_config.json file to config.json Then, update the config.json to include your credentials.