Java and Android clients for the Cloudera Manager REST API (
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Java and Android Clients for the Cloudera Manager API

Java and Android clients for the Cloudera Manager REST API (

(work in progress)


The cm-domain project provides java representation of the Cloudera Manager Data Model (

The cm-service project implements java services to repesent the Cloudera Manager REST API ( All services uses the HttpService interface to abstract the HTTP communication. This allows both the cm-domain and the cm-service to be reused with differnt HTTP communication implementations and diferent platforms (like desktop or android).

The cm-java-client project provides desktop implementaton of the HTTP communication. The JavaHttpService implements HttpService using Spring's RestTemplate library (

The cm-android-client provides android compatible HTTP communication implementation.

Java Client Example

import java.util.List;
import com.logaritex.hadoop.configuration.manager.domain.Host;
import com.logaritex.hadoop.configuration.manager.service.ClouderaManager;

public class JavaClientExample {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

  		ClouderaManager cm = ClouderaManagerFactory.createClouderaManager(

  		List<Host> hosts = cm.getHostService().getAllHosts();

    	for (Host host:hosts) {

Android Client Example

comming soon