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Create custom Spring Cloud Task

Bootstrap by follow the Task development instructions and then:

  • Set the POM parent to Boot 2.2.0.M4 or newer
  • Add dependencies to enable the Spring Cloud Task functionality and to configure the jdbc dependencies for the task repository:
  • Add dependencies to configure the jdbc dependencies for the task repository:
  • Add dependencies to configure Micrometer integration:

Spring Cloud Data FLow server

Run SCDF locally using the Docker Compose docker-compose-influxdb.yml file.

To download the Spring Cloud Data Flow Server Docker Compose file, run the following command:


The Docker Compose file starts instances of the following products:

  • Spring Cloud Data Flow Server
  • Spring Cloud Skipper Server
  • MySQL
  • Apache Kafka
  • Influx DB
  • Grafana with pre-registered dashboards

Starting Docker Compose

export DATAFLOW_VERSION=2.2.0.M1
export SKIPPER_VERSION=2.1.0.M1
docker-compose -f ./docker-compose-influxdb.yml up

Register and launch the custom Task

To use it, open another console window and type the following:

docker exec -it dataflow-server java -jar shell.jar
  • Register the custom task application
dataflow:>app register --name myTask --type task --uri

  • Create two tasks: task1 and task2 using the myTask application.
dataflow:>task create --name task1 --definition "myTask"
dataflow:>task create --name task2 --definition "myTask"
  • Launch task1 and task2 couple of times
dataflow:>task launch --name task1
dataflow:>task launch --name task2

Check task execution in the SCDF UI: http://localhost:9393/dashboard/#/tasks/executions

scdf tasks


Open Grafana at http://localhost:3000 (user: admin, password: admin) and select the Task & Batch dashboard

grafana task

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