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Build Status


  • Port dlib to Android platform

  • You can build it to dynamic or static library for Android. You can also build dlib's sample to Android executable file.

  • You can refer to dlib-android-app which demonstrates dlib-android features

Grab the source

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd dlib-android
$ ./envsetup


  • Download Android-NDK from Android website.

    After downloading, go to the directory to which you downloaded the package to extract it

    Export ANDROID_NDK_HOME in ~/.bashrc $ vim ~/.bashrc

    export ANDROID_NDK_HOME=[NDK_PATH]/android-ndk-[version]


  • Install Android Debug Bride (ADB). You can download it via Android SDK Manager or $ sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

  • Prepare an Android device for test

Build JNI code and shared library for Android application

  • You can change the compiler architecture in dlib-android/jni/

  • The way to build the shared library for Android application

    $ cd [dlib-android]
    $ python

Alternative way to build native code and copy to the Android Studio's project manually:

    $ cd [dlib-android]
    $ ndk-build -j 2
    $ cp -r libs/* androidstudio-examples/dlib-android-app/dlib/src/main/jniLibs

Run Android application

  • Open Android Studio's projects in androidstudio-examples/dlib-android-app to run face detection, face landmark, and so on

Folder structure

├── data                    # Test data or the models for detection and landmarks
├── dlib                    # Source files of dlib. It is a submodule
├── jni                     # Source files of JNI codes and their make files
├── androidstudio-examples  # Android Studio's projects use the shared library built by this repo
├── tools                   # Tools and utilities
├── third_party             # Like OpenCV and [miniglog](
├── CMakeLists.txt          # Use CMake to build instead of using

Do you want to contribute

  • If you have any improvement or you've found any bug, send a pull request with the code.
  • Give me a star on this repository
  • Buy Me a Coffee at

Future tasks