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Tetris Attack JS

An open-source implementation of the old SNES game Tetris Attack (also known as Panel de Pon). This aims to be an exact replica in terms of gameplay but with a couple of bugs fixed, like chains not counting beyond 13 combos. Furthermore, online multiplayer will be added in the future.

This is based upon an earlier code draft in go-lang in collaboration with jessethegame, called go-attack

Current state

The game is far from finished but is playable. Currently there is only a one player mode. Blocks are randomly generated and can form combos as well as chains. The block behaviour is very close to the original, but there are possibly still a few bugs in some edge cases. There are currently no checks done to see whether newly spawned blocks make a combo or not.

Live version

A mostly up-to-date version can be played here: tetris-attack-js


In the sprite section are some custom blocks that I made about 2 years ago based on different social media logos. Some of these are out of date since either the logos have changed, or the media stopped existing.

The first version of this implementation was created at a game jam organised by study association via. An extra block sprite with the via logo has been added.


An open-source implementation of the old SNES game Tetris Attack (Panel de Pon).







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