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Configurable products switcher
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Easylife Switcher

Configurable products switcher v2.3.2


This extension is no longer supported by the developer (that's me).
There will be no more upgrades, no more support, no more bugfixes.
The reasons:

  • lack of time
  • magento already offers a color swatch module in the core.

I left it here just for posterity.
Feel free to fork it, change it, call it yours, sell it, trade it for a sandwich.

What it does

This is a Magento extension that allows you to change the configurable products dropdowns to labels, colors or images.
It also allows you to set default configurations, keep the selected options when changing an option from above.
You can also change the product image or entire media block when the congiruable option is changed and display the simple product image or media block.
For a full list of features with screenshots included check the [Features list] ( and the Configuration section.

Please visit the wiki for a full description.

Extension is compatible with CE versions 1.7 and after.
The CE 1.9.1 version already comes with a configurable swatches extension.
If you use this extension and disable the core configurable swatches it works without an issue.
If you have both of them enabled, this extension shamelessly hides the elements generated by the core module.
It still seams to work, but test carefully specially if you use a custom theme.

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