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EC-Salinity Probe Interface

Monitor hydroponic nutrient levels or salinity in aquariums, pools, and soil.

  • Electrical Conductivity in Siemens
  • Total Dissolved Solids in PPM
  • Salinity in PSU and PPT
  • Temperature in Celsius/Fahrenheit

What it is

An I2C sensor device, an optional DS18B20 waterproof temperature probe, and a two-electrode EC probe. It measures the conductivity of a solution and converts it into Siemens (S). From that value, it derives total dissolved solids and salinity. The firmware on the device provides two calibration options, single or dual point which can be used simultaneously. Temperature compensation is also provided in the firmware.

Multiple EC-Salinity probes can be connected to the same master device and in the same solution without causing interference. The ISE Probe Interface can be also used without any interference.

Using it

There is extensive documentation on the specifications, setup, and use of the device. The library to use it is in the Arduino and Particle.io IDE; a python implementation for Raspberry Pi and MicroPython is also available.

#include <ECSalinity.h>
EC_Salinity ec;

Buy it

Visit ufire.co and buy a board and probe.


This is a PlatformIO project. Download and install it, import this repo, and it should download all the required tools for you. It expects a USBTiny device to upload the firmware.