WebSocket interface to uFire devices.
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uFire WebSockets Demo

turn a uFire device into a WebSockets server

  • send measurement data when connected
  • uses mDNS for easy connection
  • implement isolation from probe interfaces through WiFi

What it is

An ESP32-compatible demo project to expose uFire data through a WebSocket interface.

Using it

  • get some ESP32s. Any development board should work. If you want isolation, be sure the board includes a battery supply of some sort.
  • this project uses software I2C and requires slightly modified library files to use the uFire interfaces. Determine the I2C pins you will use, and edit EC_Salinity.h, uFire_ISE.h, ISE_pH, ISE_ORP.h as follows.
  • search for the Wire.begin statements and replace the line with the I2C pins you are using. Wire.begin(19, 23, 100000); will use pin 19 as SDA, and 23 as SCL. Leave the 100000 as is.
  • Change the const char *ssid and const char *password to your WiFi network.
  • program the ESP32 with the example program
  • goto the /docs folder and open index.html in your browser. It won't work if you try from the github.com hosted version.


This is a PlatformIO project. Download and install it, import this repo, and it should download all the required tools for you.