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Roadmap (alpha)

Finish commands and tests

Before starting work on a command, please open a GitHub issue and assign to yourself.

Command Flags TODO Comments
checksum md5, sha1, sha256, ...
chmod -R, --reference More mode forms
flashrom -p internal
fmap Move into fiano
gitclone Not implemented yet!
grep -cnF RE2-compatible only
less Not implemented yet!
ls -hFfS -r is raw not reverse
man -k Not implemented yet!
mv -nu
ping -a
printf Not implemented yet!
ps Fix race conditions
readlink -emn
rush -c
sort -bcfmnRu
srvfiles Serve files with TLS
sync -df
time -p Rush builtin
tr Not implemented yet!
truncate -or
uniq -i
unshare Different flag names
wget No args yet...

(Commands marked with an are not yet implemented.)