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cl-password-store -- password management for Common Lisp (web) applications

cl-password-store provides a light-weight and extendible solution to user/password management:

  • safe password storage:
    • cleartext-free, using your choice of hash algorithm through ironclad,
    • storage in an SQL database through clsql, in a database your application already uses anyway, or in a separate one, and using any backend supported by clsql,
  • password reset mechanism with one-time tokens (suitable for mailing to users for confirmation),
  • user creation optionally with confirmation tokens (suitable for mailing to users),
  • (obviously) user authentication.

Users can be identified by strings or by subclassing user-token-mixin.

For documentation check out the API documentation, or look at the examples. There is also a 5am test suite in the file tests.lisp.

The code has been written to be portable, and tested on Allegro Common Lisp and SBCL. All dependency libraries are readily available through quicklisp.

(c) 2013 Utz-Uwe Haus, licensed under LLGPL


Password management for Common Lisp (web) applications




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