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This is an older version of Xinu.  However, it contains a clever
network interface that one to experiment by building an IP router.
It was designed to be the platform in a graduate networking course.
The trick is to use a single Ethernet, but to choose multicast
addresses to make the network appear to consist of three independent
networks: the Ethernet itself, which is connected to the outside
world, and two "othernets" that can contain host computers but only
connect to the outside through a router.

We used this code on a lab network shared by many students.  Each
was assigned an ID, and the IDs are used in the multicast addresses
to permit many sets of "othernets" to operate simultaneously without
interference.  On Vbox, there will probably only be one set, but
you need to specify an ID when a system boots.  Just enter 1.

After entering an ID, you will be asked to configure a VM as a
host or router.  When confguring a host, you must choose a
"network" - 0 is the actual Ethernet, 1 or 2 is use for the two
"othernets".  The router code supplied with the distribution
performs the nat function (it handles UDP and ICMP ping packets).
Thus, a host on an othernet can ping an arbitrary Internet site,
even though the host is assigned a non-routable IP address.
For example, the date command sends UDP to a time server at
Purdue (you can recompile the code with another IP address and
recompile if you choose).

For more details see files NOTES; file STRUCTURE gives the overall
structure of the network modules.
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