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Baka MPlayer User Manual


Baka MPlayer is a free and open source, cross-platform, libmpv based multimedia player. Its simple design reflects the idea for an uncluttered, simple, and enjoyable environment for watching tv shows.



The playlist is automatically populated by loading the files in the directory of the loaded file. If a folder is opened by drag and dropping it, the files in the immediate folder directory will be automatically populated (not including subdirectories).


Using a mouse or a touch screen, you can click and drag on the video to change playback. Clicking and dragging left/right will seek backwards/forwards. Clicking and dragging up/down will increase/decrease volume. Gesture support can be disabled under Preferences if desired.


The screenshot template is passed into mpv as screenshot-template (see mpv's manual for more info). If the screenshot dialog is hidden by unchecking the Always show this dialog option, the dialog can be restored by setting baka-mplayer/screenshotDialog to true in the settings file.

Recent Files

Your recently viewed files are stored in settings for easy access. It is located at the bottom of the file under [baka-mplayer] -> recent. To store more recently viewed files, set the [baka-mplayer] -> maxRecent value and the list will trim itself accordingly.

Special functions

Some functionality that is not explained or is immediately obvious is written here.

  Left                    Seek backwards 5 seconds
  Right                   Seek forwards 5 seconds
  Esc                     Exit fullscreen mode or Boss Key (pause and minimize)
  MediaPlay               Triggers Play/Pause
  MediaStop               Triggers Stop
  MediaNext               Triggers Play Next File
  MediaPrevious           Triggers Play Previous File
Clicking and Dragging
  the main window         Triggers gesture or Moves the main window
Right Clicking the video
  In Fullscreen           Shows the menubar actions in context menu form
  Outside of Fullscreen   Triggers Play/Pause
Quick Open Button
  Left Click - Show the open file dialog
  Middle Click - Jump to a specific time
  Right Click - Open a location (including URLs)

Most of these features are customizable through preferences, including key-binding customization and feature toggles.