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The command-line is handled on an argument basis by splitting commands up by spaces and getting more and more specific. The major command differentiation is between mpv and baka-mplayer.

Baka-MPlayer commands should be prefixed with baka while mpv commands are prefixed with mpv. eg. baka quit vs mpv quit Both will quit but one told mpv to quit (which then ended baka), while the other told baka to quit (which ended mpv).

In general you'll want to use any available baka-mplayer command before you use an mpv command; this is because some aspects either are baka-mplayer specific or handle certain issues. For example: baka volume +5 vs mpv volume +5; baka-mplayer will adjust the volume even if no video is playing and update mpv accordingly when it starts up; mpv volume will only work if a file is playing.

The following is a list of the available baka commands (for mpv commands see mpv's manual):

new                             # creates a new instance of baka-mplayer
open_location                   # shows the open location dialog
open_clipboard                  # opens the clipboard
show_in_folder                  # shows the current file in folder
add_subtitles                   # add subtitles dialog
screenshot [subtitles]          # take a screenshot (with subs if specified)
media_info                      # toggles media info state
stop                            # stops the current playback
playlist <...>                  # playlist options (playlist ...)
  play [index]                  #  plays the selected file (or (relative)? index)
  remove                        #  removes the selected file from the playlist
  shuffle                       #  shuffles the playlist
  toggle                        #  toggles the playlist
  full                          #  expands fully the playlist (hide album art)
  select [index]                #  selects the index (can be relative) or currently playing file
  repeat <off|this|playlist>    #  sets repeat state
jump                            # opens jump dialog
dim                             # toggles dim desktop
output                          # toggles output textbox
preferences                     # opens preferences dialog
online_help                     # launches online help
update [youtube-dl]             # opens the update dialog or updates youtube-dl
open [file]                     # opens the open file dialog or the file specified
play_pause                      # toggle play/pause state
fitwindow [percent]             # fit the window
deinterlace                     # toggles deinterlation
interpolate                     # toggles vo interpolation
mute                            # toggles mute
volume [value]                  # adjusts the volume (can be relative)
fullscreen                      # toggles fullscreen state
hide_all_controls               # toggles hide all controls state
boss                            # pause and hide the window--run away from boss
clear                           # clears the output text
help [command]                  # internal help menu
about [qt]                      # open about dialog
msg_level [level]               # set mpv debugging message level
quit                            # quit baka-mplayer

More commands will be coming but please feel free to suggest modifications or additions.