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of community that exists around the code. Include a listing of third-party libraries
and associated licenses.
+Initial contribution made by the uDig Project Steering Committee. Code ownership is held
+by Refractions Research under the direction of the uDig Project Steering Committee. Additional
+"jgrass" plugins made available by HydroloGIS. This is an established development community with world wide representation, drawn from
+a number of organisations.
<h2>Legal Issues</h2>
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code available under some other license? Are there any LGPL/GPL bits that you
absolutely require?
+The project includes "GeoTools" components of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation made available under
+an LGPL license. Other noted dependencies are the Java extensions JAI, ImageIO and ImageIO-Ext.
+The use of LGPL components has been negotiated with the LocationTech industry working group and
+does not represent an issue.
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<p>The following individuals are proposed as initial committers to the project:</p>
- <dt>Committer 1, Affiliation</dt>
- <dd>Committer 1 is a committer on the *** project where he has made significant contributions over
- many years. S/he will be contribute to the *** functionality in this new project.</dd>
- <dt>Committer 2, Affiliation</dt>
- <dd>Committer 2 has provided significant contributions to the existing code base. S/he will contribute
- to the *** functionality in this new project.
- </dd>
+ <dt>Jody Garnett, Open Source Geospatial Foundation, LISAsoft (steering committee)</dt>
+ <dd>Jody is a committer on the uDig project where he has made significant contributions
+ over many years. He will contribute to the architecture and direction of this new project.</dd>
+ <dt>Andrea Antonello, HydoloGIS (steering committee)</dt>
+ <dd>Andrea has provided significant contributions to the existing code base. He will contribute
+ scientific guidance and raster expertise to this new project</dd>
+ <dd>Jesse Eichar, Camptocamp (steering committee)</dd>
+ <dd>Mauricio Pazos (steering committee)</dd>
+ <dd>Frank Gasdorf (steering committee)</dd>
<p>We welcome additional committers and contributions.</p>
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project. If there is no existing code, just remove this section.
+<b>GIS Platform</b>: provides a local catalog of spatial services, with minimal Dublin Core details
+supplemented with a spatial extent. Each listed item implements <b>IResolve</b> operating in a
+similar fashion to <b>IAdaptable</b> with the additional expectation of both latency and IOErrors.
+Implementations are provided to work with a range of spatial services from popular file formats,
+through to spatial databases (such as PostGIS, DB2 and Oracle) and of Open Geospaital
+Consortium web servies (Web Feature Server, Web Map Server).
+<b>GIS Application</b> provides an EMF model for Project, Map and Layer with an implementation
+of <b>MapViewer</b> to facilitate embedding a map component in RCP apps. This forms the core
+of the example uDig application we make available to show case the SDK capabilities.
+Additional contributions cover raster processing and analysis (ie JGrass), printing and integration.
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expressed interest in this project:</p>
- <li>Somebody, Affiliation</li>
- <li>Somebody else, Affiliation</li>
+ <li>Refractions Research</li>
+ <li>HydroloGIS</li>
+ <li>LISAsoft</li>
+ <li>Open Source Geospatial Foundation</li>
<h2>Project Scheduling</h2>
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should be expected, when your first build will be ready, etc. Exact
dates are not required.
+This is a live project with responsibility to existing development teams, training courses,
+and interaction with downstream projects (such as OSGeo Live DVD). It is our intension to
+transition as quickly as possible and promptly issue a release.
+<li>Q3 2012: Complete transition to Tycho</li>
+<li>Q4 2012: Upgrade to Juno and transition to Eclipse build facilities</li>
+<li>Q1 2013: Initial release</li>
<h2>Changes to this Document</h2>
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- <td>DD-Month-YYYY</td>
+ <td>28-August-2012</td>
<td>Document created</td>

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