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Tool to retrieve and filter events from google calendar
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GCal Event finder

This is a command line program to search and extract events from yout Google calendar. You can enter a range of dates, keyword and limit the number of results. Results are written in files results.json and results_raw.json

A step-by-step guide to this project can be found in this article in my blog


  • Node.js and NPM installed - Visit to install it.

  • Important!! Setup a new project in Google's Developer console, generate new project_id,client_id, client_secret and configure them in the file /keys/secrets.json

Installation guide

  • Clone or download.

  • Open a terminal, go to the project folder and run:

npm i
  • Setup your project_id,client_id, client_secret in the file /keys/secrets.json

How to run

From the project folder, execute the following command

node .

Or if you want to see some debug traces, run:

DEBUG="gcal*" node .

Results will be returned in two files:

  • results_raw.json : contains the full event objects.
  • results.json : contains just the date, location and summary of the events.

Author & license

Coded by Antonio Ufano. Feel free to clone this repo and modify the code as you wish.

Visit my web to check my blog or send me a message from the contact section.

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