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µWebSockets™ (it's "micro") is simple, secure & standards compliant web I/O for the most demanding[1] of applications.

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    /* There are tons of SSL options */
    .cert_file_name = "cert.pem",
    .key_file_name = "key.pem"
}).get("/hello", [](auto *res, auto *req) {

    /* You can efficiently stream huge files too */
    res->writeHeader("Content-Type", "text/html; charset=utf-8")->end("Hello HTTP!");
}).ws<UserData>("/*", {

    /* Just a few of the available handlers */
    .open = [](auto *ws, auto *req) {
        ws->subscribe("buzzword weekly");
    .message = [](auto *ws, std::string_view message, uWS::OpCode opCode) {
        ws->send(message, opCode);
}).listen(9001, [](auto *token) {

    if (token) {
        std::cout << "Listening on port " << 9001 << std::endl;

Pay what you want.

A free & open source (permissive) project since 2016. Kindly sponsored by BitMEX, Bitfinex & Coinbase in 2018. You can always buy me a coffee via PayPal.

Become a paying sponsor to unlock support, issue reporting, roadmaps and to drop suggestions.

Deploy like a boss.

Commercial support is available via a per-hourly consulting plan or as otherwise negotiated. If you're stuck, worried about design or just in need of help don't hesitate throwing me, the author a mail and we'll figure out what's best for both parties. I want your business to have a proper understanding of the problem before rushing in to one of the many pitfalls.

Excel across the board.

All that glitters is not gold. Especially so in a market driven by flashy logos, hype and pointless badges.

Http WebSockets

Keep it legal.

Intellectual property, all rights reserved.

You are forbidden to use logos, product names, texts, names or otherwise perceived brand identity, of copyright holder, in any way that might state or imply that the copyright holder endorses your distribution or in any way that might state or imply that you created the original software. Modified distributions must carry, from the original distribution, significantly different names and must not be confused with the original distribution.