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uPortal-app-framework is a front-end framework for building web applications that users experience as "apps in the portal".

This package includes the uPortal-home header, settings, footer, and some reusable components :

uPortal app framework screenshot

Learn more about the reusable components on our docs page


Java (only if you want a maven artifact)


uportal-app-framework provides the primary HTML page at the root of the context that hosts your AngularJS single page application. In order to introduce your own content, uportal-app-framework's extension point is 'my-app/main.js'.

Getting Started with uportal-app-framework

In your existing Maven war project, add the following dependency:


(uportal-app-framework is available in The Central Repository.)

Start by creating the folder 'src/main/webapp/my-app' within your Maven war project, and copy uportal-app-framework's main.js in to it. uportal-app-framework includes RequireJS to help you load any additional JavaScript assets you wish, you'll do that in this file.

See my-app-seed for a great starter app using this frame.

Getting Started with static

This gives you the basic frame in a static content type way. Just add your files to the proper directory and you should be all set. This module is still a work in progress. Note it only works right now as the root context (if you want to change, update the index.html). This module is mostly used for development on the frame itself.


We love tests. We setup karma to run our tests.

To run the test suite:

npm test

Running locally

To build and run on a Superstatic server:

npm run static:dev


You can also create a artifact using maven. There's a pom.xml file in the root directory. The maven build will use the normal npm build and bundle into a deliverable war file.

Running the documentation

To run the Jekyll docs locally:

cd docs

bundle exec jekyll serve

You may need to install the Jekyll bundler on your machine. See Jekyll's quick-start guide for instructions.