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uTensor + Mbed + Cloud9 Setup Script


This script will install uTensor-CLI and Mbed-CLI on Cloud9 IDE. Installation takes only one line in the cloud:

bash <(curl -s

It jump-starts the development process by automating the environment setup in the cloud. It contains the tools needed to create device binaries and data files from Tensorflow models.


Register a Cloud9 account

  • Go to Cloud9 and register an account

cloud9 register

Create an Environment

  • Create an environment from the Cloud9 Dashboard

environment naming

  • Give the instance a name

environment naming

  • Create an instance on EC2 and choose the Free-tier

environment config

  • Click on Next

  • Click on Create

environment create

Run the Command

  • Run the command


bash <(curl -s

Let the script run

installer output

What's Next?

Try the quick-start guide