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µTox the lightest and fluffiest Tox client
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μTox Build Status Build status Coverage IRC

The lightweight Tox client.

TokTok Site | Installing | Changelog | Compiling | Toxcore Spec

You shouldn't have to choose a new client for every device: So µTox works everywhere! On every major system Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and even DragonFlyBSD.



  • Avatars
  • Secure person to person conversations:
    • Video (Webcam or Desktop sharing)
    • Audio
    • Text
      • Chat History
    • Screenshots
  • Group chats
    • New API support ready.
  • File transfers, with inline images support
  • Tox URI support (clickable Tox links)
  • Emoticons
  • Auto-updates on Windows.

Just like Toxcore, µTox is still alpha software, so you may encounter bugs, or maybe a crash or two. µTox also needs your help, if you do encounter any bugs or problems please open an issue.


μTox running on Windows 10

μTox on Windows 10

μTox running on macOS:

μTox on macOS

μTox running on Linux (Ubuntu)

μTox on Linux


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