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Hello and Heads up! (September 18th, 2017)


I wanted to let you know that effective immediately the Open Data API project at Waterloo is under a new team. We're looking forward to understanding what exists now, getting feedback from current users, and having a clear plan to communicate before moving forward. We’d like to continue to build on the great work done by those before us that made this project possible.

That said, we think it's safe to say that for the immediate future we will treat this version as a production system and fix only critical issues without introducing new features. Part of the motivation for this is to understand the users and our goals, and at the same time consider switching the code base to a stack we already develop on (C# on .NET Core).

The main take away is there will likely be change, but for now everything you're used to will continue to work as is and we'll communicate a clear time line of any changes when it's available.

Thank you and feel free to reach out to us (IIM Team in IST) at @tenkay or :)


The University of Waterloo Public Data API allows anyone to build applications using data from the University of Waterloo websites. The API currently features more than 25 methods of accessing various datasets accross the University of Waterloo network.



  • Review the 'No Warranty' section of the University of Waterloo ODL before using this data. If building services upon this data, please inform your users of the inherent risks (as a best practice).

About this Repository

Note: This repository only servers as a tracker.

Please refer to the contributing section for more information.

Accessing the API

All calls are made to the following URL with the required parameters for a given service.

In order to make an API call, you must have a valid API Key.


API docs can be viewed by clicking on a dataset from the left sidebar on

Client Libraries


This repository will serve as a progress and request tracker for the API. If you would like to offer your suggestions or report any misfindings, simply create a new issue from the issues tab and assign it an appropriate label.




Currently, the API requests are restricted to 5000 calls per month for a given key. This number may increase in the future.

If your implementation of the API requires additional requests, feel free to contact us regarding the removal of your limit.


The intent of data offered through this API is limited to publicly visible data only. Private data such as student specific information is out of the API's scope.


If you have any inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at

Please consider subscribing to our mailing list in order to receive updates on the API and follow discussions.