[INACTIVE] The source of the uWebshop E-Commerce module for Umbraco
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Important notice: This library is deprecated and not actively developed anymore.


The uWebshop Package build is created in the /builds/Umbraco Packages/ folder. One for Umbraco 6.1+, one for Umbraco 7.1+ Creating a zip file of the folder will give you an Umbraco Package to install! Minor versions can be updated by simply coping over the DLL files to your /bin/ folder.


  • Added 'CancelUrl' to payment provider API
  • Removed order section nodes, orders are now displayed on the orders node itself in a listview
  • Cleaned up some messy source
  • Some small fixes


  • Bugfix for Global Vat & Vat Picker on Umbraco v7
  • Removed all licensing checks
  • Various other bugfixes and small improvements