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ua_parser Pig Library

This is the Pig implementation of ua-parser. The implementation uses the shared regex patterns and overrides from regexes.yaml.


First download the sources for uap-core, uap-java and uap-pig into the same directory

mkdir ua-parser
git clone https://github.com/ua-parser/uap-core
git clone https://github.com/ua-parser/uap-java
git clone https://github.com/ua-parser/uap-pig

Now build and install the java version:

cd uap-java
mvn install 

NOTE: You may have to skip the testing in case there is a problem

mvn install -DskipTests=true

Now you can build the PIG udfs:

cd ../uap-pig
mvn package


REGISTER ua-parser-pig-0.1-SNAPSHOT-job.jar

DEFINE DeviceFamily     ua_parser.pig.device.Family;
DEFINE OsFamily         ua_parser.pig.os.Family;
DEFINE OsMajor          ua_parser.pig.os.Major;
DEFINE OsMinor          ua_parser.pig.os.Minor;
DEFINE OsPatch          ua_parser.pig.os.Patch;
DEFINE OsPatchMinor     ua_parser.pig.os.PatchMinor;
DEFINE UseragentFamily  ua_parser.pig.useragent.Family;
DEFINE UseragentMajor   ua_parser.pig.useragent.Major;
DEFINE UseragentMinor   ua_parser.pig.useragent.Minor;
DEFINE UseragentPatch   ua_parser.pig.useragent.Patch;

UserAgents =
    Load 'useragents.txt' AS (useragent:chararray);

AgentSpecs =
    FOREACH  UserAgents
    GENERATE DeviceFamily(useragent)    AS DeviceFamily:chararray,

             OsFamily(useragent)        AS OsFamily:chararray,
             OsMajor(useragent)         AS OsMajor:chararray,
             OsMinor(useragent)         AS OsMinor:chararray,
             OsPatch(useragent)         AS OsPatch:chararray,
             OsPatchMinor(useragent)    AS OsPatchMinor:chararray,

             UseragentFamily(useragent) AS UseragentFamily:chararray,
             UseragentMajor(useragent)  AS UseragentMajor:chararray,
             UseragentMinor(useragent)  AS UseragentMinor:chararray,
             UseragentPatch(useragent)  AS UseragentPatch:chararray,

             useragent                  AS Useragent;

DUMP AgentSpecs;


This is a trivial interface on top of the Java API created by Steve Jiang @sjiang