In the field of social welfare in Asia and etc., office work automation is still a subject.
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This repository is for Socialwelfare related office work support Web application system by implementing Ruby and Ruby on Rails programming.
The reason why that office work support needed:
* In the field of social welfare in Japan, Korea, China, Phillipine, Thailand, Vietnam and etc. Asian countries, there are a lot of impedents to its contribution to their system. The author thought several accurate reasons are:
1.Office work's inefficience.
2.Office work's intangibility.
3.Office work's lack of liablity.
4.Office work's vulnerability to information security.
5.Office work's unavailability.
6.Office work's too much redundancy.
7.Office work's lack of clarity.
8.Office work's inconsistency.

This repository; one of solutions of the system problems, should be a prototype of the solution of those problems shown above.

The author think this program should be written by reasonable program language, that is Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

The project starts with Ruby and RoR contributors and programmer(s).