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uaiMockServer will create a Rest Server for you with only one command line.

This code can create a Standalone jar or you could add the project in your pom.xml and run it with your TDD tests.

The documentation/roadMap/etc can be found in here:

The most recent Standalone jar and the Config samples can be found in here:

About the build

  • If you want just to create the project JAR, run the command: mvn clean install
  • If you want to create the Standalone jar, run the command: mvn clean install -Pstandalone

About the configuration

You will find a configuration sample in the sourceforge link above. In the project site you will find all the values allowed in a configuration file. The configuration utilization vary depending on the approache used:

  • If you will use the Standalone file, by default the file must be in the same folder of the Jar
  • If you use the project in your TDD tests, your file must be in the "src/test/resources" directory
  • You can set a full config file path for each approach, check the documentation for more detail.

Runing with your TDD tests

You need to add the project to your pom:


All you need now is a class to start/shutdown the server:

public class YourTestClass {

    public void yourTest(){
        // test executing the http request